A Leader in Engineering & Surveying Services

Michael Karvakko founded this company with the goal of providing a more personalized style of engineering. He saw a need and was determined to be part of the solution. Karvakko has since become a leader in engineering & surveying services because of our commitment to the client experience.

We strive to make the entire project simple and clear for our clients by understanding and relating to them as unique communities.

We listen to their concerns so that we can assist them in developing solutions to meet the needs of their community now and into the future.

As a result, our hands-on style has earned us more than a few accolades with our clients. We appreciate the trust they have in the high quality services our team provides.


We value integrity at Karvakko. Integrity in our designs, in our conversations and in every project that leaves our doors. Our number one priority is doing the right thing for our client even if it’s not the easiest. We have hard conversations, we make tough calls and we do the right thing…every time. In other words, you know you received the best if you had Karvakko involved.

We do not take for granted the responsibility our clients have entrusted to us. It is the one thing that motivates us to give our very best. Knowing that these critical projects are improving the quality of water, roads, recreation and air travel for instance, for everyone in the area, gives us a great sense of pride in the work we do.

Most importantly, the healthy future of our communities relies heavily on the work we do and we are prepared to do the best!

Family First

Our family first environment places a high value on our team members and that allows them the freedom to get their work done without sacrificing quality time with their families. Therefore, we aim to create our own extended family at Karvakko, and love celebrating the milestones in everyone’s professional and personal lives. As a result, it gives us a unique culture that supports and encourages teamwork throughout the project and beyond. We value the people who do the work along with those we work for. Every community member is essentially our client and we take that seriously.

Something we try to take less seriously is playing at work. Our office is a classy professional place from 8 to 5 but we still find time to relax for a few minutes. At any given time, you may find a basketball hoop, mini golf set or foosball table in use. We work hard but realize that a little light-hearted competition gets our creative juices flowing! Our team sees the benefit of the culture we have created and the way they work together is a direct result of the fun we have doing what we do.

Volunteers at Boys & Girls Club Bemidji

Please reach out to the United Way of Bemidji Area for more information.

United Way of Bemidji Area contact information

Giving Back

Giving back to our community is a great way for our organization to collaborate as a team. We encourage community engagement at Karvakko and our team members actively seek out opportunities to offer their support. We recognize that our lives have an impact and together we can multiply that impact for the greater good! Many of our team members are active in community nonprofits and worthwhile organizations.

Karvakko is excited to partner with the United Way of Bemidji Area for our charitable giving through the 365 Small Business Circle program. This program allows Karvakko to maximize our charitable donations in our local community.

Karvakko is committed to improving the quality of life now and for future generations. One way we accomplish this is by contributing to groups, organizations and issues that are important to our community and align with our core values. These areas include:

  • Youth & Education Programs

  • Civic & Community Improvements

  • Environmental Preservation & Enhancement

“When Karvakko makes a commitment, the whole team is all-in! United Way of Bemidji Area is grateful to Karvakko for the many ways they impact the Bemidji community. From volunteering on the United Way Board of Directors (and other United Way committees and initiatives), to utilizing their forward-thinking mindset to solve community problems, to running a full internal United Way Campaign for the Community; Karvakko is always eager to make a better tomorrow for all. Karvakko chose to be a member of the 365 Small Business Circle because they know that every dollar they donate goes right back into the local community and serves the people who need it most.”
Denae Alamano, Executive Director of United Way of Bemidji Area