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We’re just a bunch of hard working, fun having, friends who love what we do.

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At Karvakko, our energetic team is the regional expert in aviation, transportation, energy, municipal and recreational projects. We’re a family-first organization, and play as hard as we work. Having fun is an obligation we take just as seriously as performing our project responsibilities. Dragging yourself to the office each day just sounds like work to us, and this definitely isn’t just a J-O-B. We get to hang out with our friends all day, while we live out our passions doing something we truly enjoy.

Our Location

We’re located in Bemidji, Minnesota. Home of Paul Bunyan, outdoor lovers, and recreation enthusiasts. Weekends are spent enjoying the community’s rich culture of diversity, art fairs & sculpture walks, festivals, and fishing tournaments. The historic downtown is home to ample boutiques, fine dining, and long standing, locally-owned businesses; while the commercial district includes the typical department and big-box stores we’re accustomed to. Here you’ll get the allure of a small town, with the amenities of a larger city.

So what do you say…are you in? Beard and flannel are optional.

Careers at Karvakko
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The best part about working at Karvakko has to be the atmosphere in the office. Coming to work every day is something I look forward to. The open and inviting environment makes it easy for young professionals, such as myself, to grow.

Karvakko has provided me with more opportunities than I can imagine. My motivation and enthusiasm for my career continues to grow every day through my experiences and fellow colleagues. I can’t think of a better place to dive into my career. .

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